New Amazon Step By Step (A-Z) Course For Beginners

Hello New Members,

           Welcome to the new 2017 Amazon Video Course for beginners! Please follow this new Step By Step Course from beginning to end . I will be adding on many more videos until this course is complete . If you have any questions, or need to get in contact with me, the easiest way is to email me at  The subject line should say “Amazon for New Members Question”. Make sure to include your contact number, and I will call you back at my earliest convenience! So, with that being said, I will slowly be adding new videos to this section only for course in 2017! Happy sourcing, everyone!

Thank you, 

        Henry Sanchez

How to Make Money Selling on Amazon eBook Course




Only a few Discount Codes are left Members so Take advantage while you can I am getting some Great Feedback on the material that is in this ebook…This Sale won’t Last to Much Longer!

Great News! Here is The Link to The New Ebook Course

Tech Daddy Videos Now has the New Ebook Course for sale

If you’d like to learn how to start selling on Amazon and create passive income that can last a lifetime then this book is for you.

We begin with Chapter 1 “How Amazon started and how it works.” This chapter is great for newbies that have no experience with online selling and need a little background on the Amazon platform.

Chapter 2 “The Product Cycle Roadmap” which breaks down all of the different online selling methods. You will be able to pick the method that works best for you.

Chapter 3 “How to create a listing that sells” tells you the “New” listing methods and guidelines that Amazon has adopted. If you don’t use this information correctly it will affect your sales.

Chapter 4 “What makes a good product” will help you determine what types of things you should sell to maximize profits.

Chapter 5 “How to private label a product” will take you step by step into the process of how to create your own brand, and profit from your products.

Chapter 6 “Tips Tricks and Resources” will fill the in the gaps with valuable information that many online sellers won’t tell you like how to get into the “Buy Box” with little or no effort.

Chapter 7 Finding a Supplier – Sources” will give you over 150 current sources that you can use to order products from and begin your journey to continual passive cash flow. This book is a great practical starting point for anyone who is determined to make some money from home, and it was written by someone who started from scratch and now has a healthy six figure income!

Don’t get left behind, get started with this eBook course today!

Here is The Link to the New Ebook Course

Welcome To The New TechDaddyVideos

Hello Members,
As you may have noticed things are changing for the better here at Please enjoy the New videos and New Added Sections.
There are people being added daily and we are excited about the opportunity to provide great content to our members. We will be adding other material to the site soon and as you can see there are a lot of changes happening. Please bare with us as these changes occur, as we would like the site to be the best site to go to for Ebay, Amazon and Terapeak training.

We are excited that you are part of our group and we will continue to give valuable information to our members. thank you for being a part of our community and Happy Sourcing!

New Power Seller Section

Hello all,
I’m creating a set of New videos on how to make a power seller listing beginning with your title to everything in a ebay listing exactly how I would make a listing…These are New videos so you will know how to do a title and a ebay listing correctly ..I will be charging $39.95 for people who only want that section but I have Good News! Since you already Paid for a package it is totally FREE to you..I will automatically add you to that section when it is done and it will be available to you… hope this helps you out I am still making more videos and someone mention wholesale and I have not forgot ABOUT YOU but I am still working on it….Talk with you soon… Henry


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